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Mother with Breast Cancer Loses Custody of Children

Child custody and child visitation issues are often contentious in family court. One woman's struggle to regain custody, however, shows how truly nasty custody issues can be.

A North Carolina mother lost custody of her two children because she has breast cancer. The court ruled that her children must relocate with their father in Chicago, rather than stay with their mother in Durham, where the two children currently live.

The mother's cancer has developed in her bones but her treatments are preventing the cancer from spreading further. It's unknown how long she has to live. The mother fiercely believes that the reason the judge ruled against her is because she has been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

To gain support for her case, she has even spoke on national television about her situation with her children present. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the cause of regaining custody of her children.

The mother also told the family court judge of a domestic abuse incident involving her ex-husband, which is yet another reason she argued that she should retain custody of her 11-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. She believes that the family court judge is holding an affair against her and using her illness as an excuse to force the children to relocate with their father.

The woman plans to appeal the child custody ruling, but her financial resources to do so are limited. She's also using her situation to encourage states to prevent cancer and other illnesses from being considered in child custody and child visitation proceedings.

Source: Time "Alaina Giordano, Mom with Stage 4 Cancer, Speaks Out About Losing Her Kids," Bonnie Rochman, 5/13/2011

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